Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Is Acting All Demure Again

Public Readings - Lindsay Lohan Is Acting All Demure Again. Not a day goes by when Lindsay Lohan's saggy tit bags aren't playing patty cake with her knees during a topless photo shoot, but while shooting a scene for that low-budget, direct-to-Xtube movie The Canyons, she played the "ohmygawd I can't possibly show the chichis everyone on this planet has seen at least a dozen times" card.

TMZ says that before filming a scene where HoHan had to pull her freckled floor dusters out, she got a sudden case of the shies and told the crew that she'd only get topless if they stripped down to their boxers. Usually when HoHan makes a bunch of dudes take their pants off, the scene ends with her distracting them by giving them lazy handjobs while White Oprah sneakily crawls into the room to snatch all of their wallets from their pant pockets. Yeah, so if you're one of those crew members, now you know where your missing wallet went.

This obviously just a planted story to make LiLo looks like the epitome of modest and the crack industry's answer to Mother Teresa. Or maybe.... this story is made of truth and she only made those dudes get down to their chonies, because she's so used to making her johns strip as soon as they walk through the motel door to make sure they're not cops. Occupational hazard!