Friday, August 3, 2012

Public Readings - iPhone 5 release date: Reasons a new iPhone 5 September release is very likely

Public Readings - iPhone 5 release date: Reasons a new iPhone 5 September release is very likely. The flood of rumors about the new iPhone 5 from Apple does not seem to be coming to a stop. Because Apple, as in the past, has not released any of the details about the new smartphone, the company contributes to some of these wild speculations. However, there is evidence that substantiates some of these rumors. At least as far as the release date, there are now hints that make a Sept. 12th iPhone 5 launch seem quite plausible.

Until recently, many still assumed that the new iPhone 5 could be presented on Aug 07, 2012 as part of an announcement by an Apple keynote. Meanwhile, more and more analysts claimed that the iPhone 5 would be presented on the 12th of September 2012. It is believed that Apple would like to present two devices at the said date- the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

Because of the great pressure due to competition, it could be that Apple will present the iPhone 5 in September rather than October. The Galaxy S3 from Samsung is already quite successful and it is time that Apple has revamped its own figures. The emergence of new smartphone sales numbers for Apple showed a descending trend in iPhone 4s sales.

It could very well be an announcement on the 12th of September, and then the launch on the 21st of September would follow. The Bloomberg news agency takes this data as very feasible.

It has long been an abundance of speculation surrounding the features of the iPhone 5. Recently, another video surfaced that possibly shows the new iPhone 5. The Japanese blog Macotakara presented a video that shows almost all the alleged changes. Items are presented that allegedly come from the Apple supplier, Foxconn. Whether it is possible to smuggle items out of this well-guarded manufacturing plant is questionable.

The rumor that the display of the new Apple smartphone will be significantly larger, actually seems pretty possible. Even if the deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs always spoke out against a larger screen, this new feature will probably be inevitable. Although the iPhone 5 will probably get a larger screen, however, it may be a bit heavier than its predecessor.

Recently, Apple had to secure new patents, and for this reason insiders believe that the new iPhone could be equipped with a 3-D camera. It has recently emerged, that there was the possibility of a 3-D-switchable prototype recording in the camera app. In the aforementioned patent, it was a novel technique for measuring the spatial depth.

It has been believed for quite some time now that production is under way of the iPhone 5. Therefore, the first units of the iPhone 5 could appear on the market on the 21st of September 2012- just in time for the full holiday season. Please make sure you subscribe to stay informed on all the latest iPhone 5 release date news.

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