Monday, August 13, 2012

Public Readings - Shark Week 2012 Begins Tonight With Air Jaws Apocalypse

Public Readings - Shark Week 2012 Begins Tonight With Air Jaws Apocalypse. Shark enthusiasts, the week you've been waiting for all year has arrived! For twenty-five years, Discovery has dedicated a week to exploring and showcasing sharks each summer, and the 2012 Shark Week kicks off tonight. 

With the Olympics wrapping up tonight, Shark Week's arrival is perfect timing. The annual event begins tonight with the premiere of Air Jaws Apocalypse (Sunday, August 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Discovery), a special that picks up where the 2011 special Ultimate Air Jaws left off, as shark expert Chris Fallows and natural history producer Jeff Kurr set off to study great white sharks near Seal Island, South Africa. Their journey leads them to follow one specific shark, Colossus.

Air Jaws Apocalypse is just the the start of the Shark festivities at Discovery. Tomorrow night, Sharkzilla premieres and will focus on the mighty Megalodon, the largest shark ever (the size of a city bus!). Watch the preview for that here. And here's a list of the programs set to air, along with their descriptions and premiere dates.

For those who want to get even more out of the Shark Week 25th Anniversary experience, here's the Shark Week Survival Guide, which includes ways to vote, tweet and check in, and also the link to download the Shark Week Plus iPad app