Friday, November 9, 2012

Obama Wins Influence on the Market

According to some news sources, optimism among market players on the victory of Barack Obama, who will return to lead the United States for the second time trigger investors hunt risky assets. They also took the dollar. Impact of U.S. dollar weakened against major world currencies and regional currencies.
The rupiah exchange rate on the transaction today, Wednesday, November 7, 2012, as did not want to miss, and closed up 15 points (0.16 percent) to a level of 9605 per U.S. dollar. The local currency had even climbed up to 9598 per U.S. dollar.

Obama Wins News

Money market analyst of PT Harvest International Futures, Ibrahim explained that the political factor of the U.S. presidential election to boost the rupiah. Obama is able to win the election joyfully welcomed by investors.
They take advantage of this moment to re-hunt assets that are considered riskier and higher-yielding currencies such as dollars."The appreciation of the rupiah this time purely because of global influences are quite enthusiastic about the Obama victory. Not because of the intervention of the Bank of Indonesia, "he said.
With Obama's victory is America's economic policy would not be a lot of changes and a significant economic stimulus to encourage growth will continue to run. Another case, if Romney were to win there would be a policy change.
Market expectations that Greece will be able to meet the requirements of budget tightening before receiving the next aid as well as a succession of Communist Party Congress in China will affect the movement of the U.S. dollar. "When they go smoothly, the U.S. dollar will again tend to weaken and will impact positively on the rupiah," he said.
Singapore Dollar this afternoon closed up 0.7 percent against the U.S. dollar, South Korean won rose 0.51 percent, up 0.59 percent Philippine peso, Malaysian ringgit rose 0.47 percent, and the bath Thailand also rose 0.26 percent.
The U.S. dollar index against six major world currencies fell 0.138 points (0.17 percent) to a level of 80.469 after successful euro rebounded above U.S. $ 1.28