Friday, November 9, 2012

Price LG Nexus 4 Today Jumps 2 Times Fold

Now the shocking news of the LG Nexus 4 smartphone from LG and Google, news LG Nexus 4 price may be very different, I Play Store is the only storefront will be offering the Nexus for a starting price of only 300USD.

Nexus 4

As Phone house in Spain which is a partner of the Carphone Warehouse in the UK, reported that LG has to offer devices at a price of 599EUR.
This means double the price in the offer to the Google Play. Reinforced by also from some sources in Austria and Denmark, they are rumored to have membanderol price of 549USD to 599USD.
Google stores already have representatives in several countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, United States (including Puerto Rico). now it is clear that the Nexus 4, will get a hefty drain the bag, especially if you live in the Asian continent